About NPLN Streetwear

The idea to create NPLN Streetwear was born already in 2017, and this by Philippe and Jérôme, both from Paris in France.

The name NPLN is related to Napoleon Bonaparte, the french Emperor, born in Ajaccio, a city in the french island Corsica in the mediterranean sea, he lived from 1769 to 1821. 

NPLN is actually Napoleon without vowel.

We wanted to create a stylish brand, a day wear, usable even in Clubs. Every collection is limited, and produced in high quality.


Most of our products are directly send from the United States and some from Canada, but we also deliver worldwide.

Check our different edition like 21HIGH as well the LOOK Edition with nice clothes and extremely cool prints.

If you do have any questions or a shop an want to ask for a quote do not hesitate to send us an email to contact@nplnstreetwear.com.

We are located:

College House

17, King Edward Road

2nd floor



United Kingdom

Company registration number: 13007310